Vancouver Event Catering – 2014 Party Trends

Sometimes planning a party can be overwhelming.

If you are planning a party in 2014 keep these trends in mind and you will pull off an event to remember.  Just remember to play into your personal strengths and have fun during the process.  Keeping it fresh and local will be the key to hosting a perfect party and impressing your guests all year long.


Entertain your guests with interactive cooking stations.   They can be used to highlight a theme, and having a chef or bartender on hand to interact and explain the origins of a dish or drink will make your guests feel special.   

Interactive food stations are being incorporated into the cocktail hour, where the chef will invite guests to watch what is being prepared. For example, many people don’t know how to shuck oysters, so a bar featuring the shellfish offers theatre for guests.

The sky is the limit as far as what stations you can have! S'mores Station Whether it is a Mashed Potato Martini Bar,  Gourmet Popcorn, Late Night Poutine, DIY Taco Stands, or Interactive S’more Bars, your guest are sure to be out of their seats and enjoying the party.


The year 2014 will see an upswing in upscale takes on classic dishes like Truffle Mac and Cheese.

Look for creative Cauliflower dishes to emerge like Cauliflower Steak with Béarnaise Sauce, a great option for vegetarians.


Unique pops of color add a “wow” factor when your guests enter the venue.  Spring’s hottest colors this year are based on bold hues like bright orchid and cerulean. You can make any party stand out by adding fresh flowers, accent furniture and brightly colored candies to the mix.  Incorporate fresh and vibrant colors into your parties to help lift the mood and set the tone for a happy evening.


Keep the bar classic and cold with ice sculptures!


Another interactive station for your guests to get a great photo-op.

Try Espresso Vodka Martinis or rim the glass with sugar for a Lemon Drop Martini