Heritage Beef Sliders, Pancetta, Roasted Garlic Ailoli


Spring is finally here and that means that BBQ season is just around the corner!!

Here are a few tips to consider before firing your grill up:

  • Check the tank and hoses(if your using a gas grill). Look for cracks, holes or wear and replace if necessary. Clean off any grease build up (hoses can start on fire). Inspect the tank for leaks or take it to a professional who knows how to.
  • Time for a good ol scrub! Use a wire brush or power washer and grill cleaner to clean the grates and body of the grill.
  • Empty out all the grease traps.
  • Give it a test run. I like to run it for about 30-40 mins to burn off any soap or cleaner you might have used. This could pass onto the food.
  • Oil up the grates with an old rag or paper towel.

Get your grill on!!!